"Don't let the fat chick beat you"?

I have been racing for about 5 years now. I am not a typical runner or even triathlete. I fight with serious medical conditions every step of the way, but each step makes me stronger. I have two boys both with special needs and I have learned to chalk that up to making me stronger as well.

It is with sad heart that I must report that lupus has won the battle this year, but trust me when I say the war is far from over! My racing days are not over by any stretch of the imagination. This is just a minor setback that will make me stronger.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

8 Years

Ok, it is actually eight years and a day! Yesterday was my eighth anniversary… of my divorce! Since then I have been in one semi serious relationship, a few dates and a lot of life changing events. I met my ex and about a year later we were married, the majority of this time he was deployed to Bosnia. It was less than six months from the time we started actually dating to the time we stood in front of the judge and said ‘I do.’

There really aren’t words to explain these last eight years. I have accomplished so much, the most important is I have found out who I am. I have learned that when I stumble there are people there who will catch me and help me on my way. I have learned you can’t do a damn thing unless you try. I quit smoking. I have completed a number of triathlons to include a half ironman and my full ironman is on the horizon where I can see it. I have run 5Ks and marathons (I lost my marbles), and everything in between! I have successfully dealt with two children with special needs. I have, not accepted the fact, but dealt with the fact that I have multiple autoimmune diseases. I have started working on my Bachelor’s Degree and I am now more than half way to completing it.

Eight years ago, I didn’t know who I was. I thought the only way to survive is by having a man in my life. Well, the men in my life today are there because I want them, not need them. The men in my life today know how to treat a lady. Ok, the men in my life right now are the two cutest young men I have ever seen (one of them isn’t far from being taller than I am) and the other two are bed and/or blanket hogs. But I am proud to have them a part of who I am.

Eight years go by and a lot changes!

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  1. "finding out who you are" . . . . priceless. Loved reading that.