"Don't let the fat chick beat you"?

I have been racing for about 5 years now. I am not a typical runner or even triathlete. I fight with serious medical conditions every step of the way, but each step makes me stronger. I have two boys both with special needs and I have learned to chalk that up to making me stronger as well.

It is with sad heart that I must report that lupus has won the battle this year, but trust me when I say the war is far from over! My racing days are not over by any stretch of the imagination. This is just a minor setback that will make me stronger.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Less than 200 days and counting

6 April 2012

According to my countdown I have 198 day, 13 hours and well and some change until my first iron distance triathlon. I have a long way to go, but I know I will be successful in crossing that finish line with my head held high!

Today I didn’t make it to the gym, Cuervo is swinging to hard and the school gets upset when he loses it and they can’t reach me.  So Freddie, Charlie and I have come up with a solution.  I am enjoying watching MASH, between each episode I take one of them out for our mile loop.  We shall see how many miles I have done by the time kiddos come home.  Charlie will only get a lap or two once kids start getting out of school I can’t take him out anymore, he isn’t very social with strangers. 

Next week school starts and it will be a change in schedule.  Oh well, hopefully I will get some pool time this weekend. 

Well, MASH is over and it is Charlie’s turn!

~If you hear that someone is speaking ill of you, instead of trying to defend yourself you should say: "He obviously does not know me very well, since there are so many other faults he could have mentioned"~

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