"Don't let the fat chick beat you"?

I have been racing for about 5 years now. I am not a typical runner or even triathlete. I fight with serious medical conditions every step of the way, but each step makes me stronger. I have two boys both with special needs and I have learned to chalk that up to making me stronger as well.

It is with sad heart that I must report that lupus has won the battle this year, but trust me when I say the war is far from over! My racing days are not over by any stretch of the imagination. This is just a minor setback that will make me stronger.

Monday, April 16, 2012


16 Apr 12

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

I the past month there have been at least two occasions when I have wanted to walk up to a complete stranger (or someone I had just met) and given them a hug (and one big hug to a friend).  I try to be nice to everyone, sometimes it doesn’t work so well (nobody’s perfect!) but it is something I do honestly try to do.  Today was a two hug day (didn’t give them, but sure wanted to).  The first one was an old man at the VA who was being spoken to by his doctor(????) in the hallway, he was being told that one of his numbers was way to high and he is running the risk of bleeding to death and blah, blah, blah.  The doc was asking him if there has been any changes she was not aware of; alcohol use, herbal tea, diet change, etc.  After a little pause, he told her his wife hasn’t been well lately.  Long story short, I have no idea what his medical issue is, nor is it really relevant, this poor man was just told he is in dangerous condition and all I could think about was this poor guy was just given horrific news and with his wife not feeling well, what are the chances he is just going to bottle it up and not tell her so she can help.  I know that is what BOTH my parents would do! It made me think about my kidneys and liver.  Mine are just in bad shape, they still work and knowing they aren’t perfect scared the crap out of me and I basically went crying to my family, I can’t imagine getting worse news and not having anyone to turn to. 

To make it a two hug day, a friend who is currently deployed in Afghanistan has had a REALLY rough week, and this is in addition to all the stress he is under over there.  His cousin died… then he finds out that his grandfather’s cancer has spread to far.  Really???

All I can say is…

Oh! And please keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers. 

~If you hear that someone is speaking ill of you, instead of trying to defend yourself you should say: "He obviously does not know me very well, since there are so many other faults he could have mentioned"~

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