"Don't let the fat chick beat you"?

I have been racing for about 5 years now. I am not a typical runner or even triathlete. I fight with serious medical conditions every step of the way, but each step makes me stronger. I have two boys both with special needs and I have learned to chalk that up to making me stronger as well.

It is with sad heart that I must report that lupus has won the battle this year, but trust me when I say the war is far from over! My racing days are not over by any stretch of the imagination. This is just a minor setback that will make me stronger.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time to slow down

I survived what may very well be the last big race for me this year. I am not saying it is the last, because I am pretty sure I will be doing Tri for the Cure later this summer, but I am pulling everything back and focusing on cross training in the hopes my body will forgive me. My next “big” race is in January and there is no way I am cancelling that one!
My focus will turn to swimming, biking, yoga, light weights with short distance running (no more than 5 miles) until September. My feet are starting to calm down a little and I am hoping they will stay that way longer this time then they did last time. My knee, well, I have to be careful how I kneel down. The only activity above that will really get me in the sun is the biking, which I am sure my doctor won’t complain about. Oh! And of course there will be elliptical machine in the mix!With this slow down of pace #1 I need to keep an eye on what I am consuming otherwise my weight will continue to increase at an insane pace and #2 maybe I will actually take time for a social life!

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