"Don't let the fat chick beat you"?

I have been racing for about 5 years now. I am not a typical runner or even triathlete. I fight with serious medical conditions every step of the way, but each step makes me stronger. I have two boys both with special needs and I have learned to chalk that up to making me stronger as well.

It is with sad heart that I must report that lupus has won the battle this year, but trust me when I say the war is far from over! My racing days are not over by any stretch of the imagination. This is just a minor setback that will make me stronger.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today Starts Week 2!

Week 1 of Weight Watchers is over (weigh-in isn’t until tonight – I will update tomorrow) and it has been very educational so far. I would have to say the biggest thing that really caught my attention was the whole weekend eating. As of last night I had used all weekly points (35 per week), earned 45 activity points with 39 remaining, and 2 days I was under my points. My goal this week is to not have to hit my activity points to make it through the weekend. I was screwing around last night while eating my dessert and got on the scale, I should see a loss. Yes, I willing got on the scale with food in my hand (it was a Weight Watchers dessert!).
I did not make it to the gymlet yesterday, work got too busy, but I did make it to yoga last night and man did it feel good! For whatever reason my hands were having some issues, but I worked through it. I was so happy when we did the Pigeon pose (always makes my hips feel nice and stretched). But this brings me to one of my normal rants… I understand parents need to get their workouts done. I understand that sometimes child watch is not an option but people the gym is NOT a playground for your children. I saw two LITTLE boys screwing around on an elliptical machine, a treadmill and a weight machine while their mother was on a nearby treadmill oblivious of what her children were doing (she was participating in Treadmill Boot Camp). I have brought my kids to the gym while I worked out (and they couldn’t be in the child watch), I sat them down on the platform in front of the treadmills and told them to do their homework keeping an eye on them the entire time. I have also had them on the treadmills on either side of me (they were 9 and 10 at the time) and when the treadmills filled up, I asked them to move to the bikes in front of my treadmill.
As far as the weight loss = socks go… Every weight loss week I will get socks, every5 pounds I can get running socks (if I got running socks every weight loss week, I would go broke!).
Here is to a weight loss tonight!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It is official :(

Yesterday I cancelled my entry into the NYC Marathon. I know it was the right thing to do, but it still sucks. I keep having to remind myself it was for my own good. I am hoping doing only two weight baring cardio workouts a week will start showing an improvement by the end of July. I have to admit, I am seriously eyeballing the SkirtChaser at the end of August just for the fun of it, if I walk the entire way, that is ok! I am going to hold off as long as I can before I sign up for it, that way I will know how my feet and knees are feeling and whether or not I will be able to do it and not regret it.
I got two good workouts in yesterday, weight training at the gymlet after walking a mile (hey, that doesn’t count as one of the weight baring cardio workouts, I walked the entire time!) and then after work I hit the pool. My left deltoid was a little cranky after Sunday’s swim, but that is because I haven’t been in the pool in a long time. So yesterday I did 2,000 yards at a nice easy pace. I stayed within my daily points (not having to touch my weekly [that are all gone] or my activity points) and I wasn’t hungry.
My goal for today is a 45 minute walk/run and then yoga tonight. I have been trying to get to yoga for the past three weeks, I want to go!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Controlled by week, a mindless face stuffer by weekend

I am not even a week into this whole Weight Watchers journey and I have already realized just how bad my weekends are. I knew they were bad but I didn’t realize they were that bad. It started Friday night and continued all the way through last night. I was cheating and going online entering all my information, I am going to see how I do actually writing it down on paper before entering it into the system. I am not going to get into how much I exceed my points, luckily I have plenty of activity points, but I do not want to be relying on them!
Last week’s plan
Monday – 45 minute Elliptical – after dinner walk 45 minutes Elliptical
Tuesday – 45 minute treadmill (primarily walking) – after dinner walk mom duties over rode all plans
Wednesday – 45 minute Elliptical – yoga 45 minutes Elliptical
Thursday – 45 minute treadmill (primarily walking)/short ride (no more than 30 minutes) 45 treadmill, 30 minute walk (in flip flops, huge mistake) to pick up kiddo from gymnastics
Friday – 45 minute Elliptical 45 stationary bikes (did regular for 30 minutes but my butt hurt to much so I did the last 30 minutes on recumbent)
Saturday – Incline/Waldo Canyon Kiddo #1 went to Urgent Care
Sunday – Ride over an hour of swimming, felt great!

All in all, I am happy with what I did last week.

week: the goal is…
y – Weight training and swimming
Tuesday – 45 minutes treadmill/elliptical machine and yoga
Wednesday – Weight training and swimming (Weigh in day!)
Thursday – 45 minutes treadmill/elliptical machine and hour bike
Friday – Swimming, bike or rest
Saturday – Yoga
Sunday - Swimming

Friday, June 25, 2010

“I thought you were taking a break!”

Ok, I said I was going to be taking it easy and then I set my workout and it is anything but! On a good note I haven’t been able to do everything on my schedule for the most part because mommy duties have interrupted. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I have gotten my gymlet time in without any issues. My planned activities for Monday and Tuesday evenings and my gymlet time on Thursday didn’t pan out because mommy duties over rode them. Now, yesterday, Kiddo #2 was having a bad day curtsey of this brother so after I dropped his brother off at Tae Kwon Do, I took kiddo #2 to Starbucks for his afternoon snack (and to cheer him up). I got a Venti Iced non-fat, decaf latte (3[ish] Weight Watchers points) and an oatmeal cookie, I love their oatmeal cookies. I almost had a heart attack when I found out that damn cookie cost me 8 Weight Watchers points, ARE YOU SERIOUS? At the end I used 2.5 of my weekly points (you get 35 weekly points). After Starbucks, Kiddo #2 and I ran to the store to pick up some stuff for dinner, then he headed off to gymnastics and I went and waited for Kiddo #1 to finish up. When he was finished we headed home to start dinner. My sister was home sleeping (she had to go back to work last night) so I had no issues leaving him at home to work on some things while I walked to gymnastics to pick up Kiddo #2. It took me about a half hour to get there and back, so at least there were more activity points BUT last night I realized that pushing myself even when “taking it easy” is what got me in this situation in the first place! My foot was hurting SO bad it wasn’t even funny! Charlie started licking my foot and usually I just move my foot away from him, but last night it hurt and I almost kicked him. L So I have to rethink this whole “taking it easy” thing. Today I am still hitting the gymlet but I will be on the bike. I need to remember where I put my swimming bag and I will integrate more swimming and water running into my workouts. I need to make sure I am not putting the pounding on my feet and knees more than a few times a week (like 3 times) if I ever hope to get back happily racing. I do still plan on heading out on my bike this weekend through! And maybe swimming Sunday morning instead of heading to the Incline or Waldo Canyon.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Weight Watchers

This week has been horrible when it comes to evening plans. I had planned on going to yoga on Tuesday, but mommy duties trumped yoga. Kiddo #2 had a makeup gymnastics session starting at 5:40, yoga started at 5:30, my sister was going to get Kiddo #2 and take him to gymnastics, she didn’t get out of work on time. SO, Kiddo #2 LOVES gymnastics and he is good at it, I had no intention of depriving him of it; gymnastics won out on that time slot!
Well last night I faced my demons and went to my first Weight Watchers meeting (Kiddo #2 in tow). They were very friendly I wasn’t too horrible embarrassed about getting on the scale, ok I did make Kiddo #2 turn around, it is one thing for a completely stranger to know my weight, it is a whole different matter my kid knowing how much I weigh (even though he makes it very clear that he loves me no matter what and that I am beautiful!). Before I went to the meeting I had this nice plan for my rewards, but then the leader made a comment that kind of stuck, she didn’t focus on how much she lost each week, but the fact of whether or not she lost. Ever week she lost she bought herself a pair of socks. I know what my goal weight is and I will eventually get there. I am also aware that I will have good weeks and bad weeks, not a huge deal; as long as I keep going in the right direction that I will be happy. Now Weight Watchers focusing on losing a percentage of you starting weight, which I will post when I hit the different milestones, but I am also tracking when I hit a certain percentage of weight lost to my goal weight. Assuming I use the sock idea (hey, a runner can never have to many pairs of socks) I will post pictures (of the socks) every week of weight loss!
My rewards system:
10% - new yoga mat

20% - new pair of jeans
30% - new shoes (not fitness, normal, everyday shoes)
40% - new running shirt from One More Mile
50% - bully button pierced

60 % - new swim bag (with everything!)
70 % - New running skirt
80% - new iPod
90% - new tattoo
100% - Hello! A new wardrobe!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I made it downstairs for a nice workout on the elliptical machine. Three and a half miles in 45 minutes, nice and easy, not pushing it, enjoying my show while getting a nice cardio workout done. I had planned on making it a two workout day, but it didn’t seem to work out. I got off work, went and picked up the kiddos from summer camp. I got home, helped them make their lunches and then started to make dinner. I made a very tasty healthy dinner, after dinner I was so tired I decided to relax rest of the evening. I got 45 minutes in so I wasn’t to upset about not getting the walk in.
Today, I packed a running skirt and my tri club shirt to do my workout in during lunch. I get into the gymlet and see myself in the mirror and all I can think I YUCK! That is disgusting! I, by no means, try to deceive myself into thinking I look good, I know I am fat, I know I have weight I NEED to lose, but that response just floored me! Instead of seeing strong legs all I saw was cottage cheese! My gut… I was just picking myself apart more than I should have. There was absolutely no excuse for me to talk to myself that way.
I did manage to complete a good workout in spite of the derogatory comments. Again, taking it nice and easy, I ran a minute and walked 4 for 40 minutes and then I ran 1, walked 3 and ran (truly ran) the last minute for a total of 45 minutes coming in just under 3.45 miles. I felt good, I am ready for my nap now, but hey!
Tonight I am seriously going to try to get to yoga, a nice relaxing yoga session would be the best way to end today (I would really like to get my flexibility back).

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday has returned

Well, I not only forgot to weigh in this morning I forgot to get a picture. Oh well, I can do that tomorrow morning! My goal for this week is 45 minutes at lunch every day of cardio, two post dinner walks with Kiddo #1 and monster mutt (might take my baby girl instead, all depends on the temp), one yoga class, weekend – Incline or Waldo Canyon and a nice bike ride. Oh! I would like to hit the pool at some point! Oh yea, and now that I have been back in Colorado for a week, it is time to start hitting the stairs again!

Monday – 45 minute Elliptical – after dinner walk
Tuesday – 45 minute treadmill (primarily walking) – after dinner walk
Wednesday – 45 minute Elliptical – yoga
Thursday – 45 minute treadmill (primarily walking)/short ride (no more than 30 minutes)
Friday – 45 minute Elliptical
Saturday – Incline/Waldo Canyon
Sunday – Ride

(Yoga Image: www.amo-eyecare-sea.com/sg/download.html)

Friday, June 18, 2010


Another trip to the gymlet and it felt great. Today I did the treadmill I ensured I would not be able to do very much running (the girls didn’t have the support they need for more than short bouts of running) and I enjoyed every last step of it. I put it on Cold Case (yes, I plan my workouts in the gymlet around what is on TV) plugged in my iPod and off I went. Start off at 3.5mph for a few minutes then up to 4 mph; towards the end I went up to 5 for one song, then the last minute I went to a 6. Like I said a nice easy workout. Oh yea, and I had it set on the hilly course.
This weekend we are heading up to Elitch Gardens to celebrate Father’s Day – usually we take my dad to the Renaissance Festival, we decided to do something different this year. Sunday, I am not sure yet. We shall see!

(Photo: Image © 2007-2010 Image Envision LLC. All rights reserved.)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting Back in the Saddle Again!

Today was my first workout since the marathon (I got a lot of good walks in, but count as workouts). I decided to sneak down to the gymlet during lunch and hit the elliptical machine for 45 minutes. I did not push myself; I just plugged in my headphone so I could listen to what was being said on Cold Case and enjoyed working out and watching my show.

Next week I plan on joining Weight Watchers, I tried the online thing, but that was a big waste of money, so this time I am going to see how the meetings go. I am sick of being this fat and I need help! I saw my race pictures and I was disgusted. Not to mention with me being this size, I belittle myself so much it is horrible and I need to stop it! Starting this weekend, I will start doing the Biggest Loser type pictures (but I am not going to post them until I get a at least half way to my goal!) so I can see the changes, so I can remember where I was vs. where I am. I will hang them up in my bathroom so I see them every morning. I have a little over four months until my 33rd birthday; I would like to be at least 25% of the way there. Four months to lose 23 pounds, I think that is doable. I would hope for more, but I do not want to set myself for failure (ok, I am hoping for closer to 36 lbs, which would be 2 pounds per week). Watch the weight ticker at the bottom of the page.

Time to slow down

I survived what may very well be the last big race for me this year. I am not saying it is the last, because I am pretty sure I will be doing Tri for the Cure later this summer, but I am pulling everything back and focusing on cross training in the hopes my body will forgive me. My next “big” race is in January and there is no way I am cancelling that one!
My focus will turn to swimming, biking, yoga, light weights with short distance running (no more than 5 miles) until September. My feet are starting to calm down a little and I am hoping they will stay that way longer this time then they did last time. My knee, well, I have to be careful how I kneel down. The only activity above that will really get me in the sun is the biking, which I am sure my doctor won’t complain about. Oh! And of course there will be elliptical machine in the mix!With this slow down of pace #1 I need to keep an eye on what I am consuming otherwise my weight will continue to increase at an insane pace and #2 maybe I will actually take time for a social life!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Post Race Day 2

Post Race Day 2 was spent at SeaWorld. My muscles are still a little stiff after I have been sitting down for any period of time, but not to bad. The blisters on the bottom of my feet are healing quite nicely but the personal chafing is still reminding me that it is there! As I am typing this I am in one of my SkirtSports running skirts, so far this is the most comfortable thing I have been in, I think I am going to have to wear it (or my other one) when we go out today.

It is hard to believe our vacation is already half way over, but I am looking forward to getting home. I miss my puppies, I miss my bed, I can't say I miss the temps (it is WAY hotter in Colorado than it is here in California), I miss my mountains (I am looking forward to hitting the incline the weekend or two after I get back), I want to cook my own dinner! San Diego is a nice place to visit, but it is not my speed.

The day before yesterday while we were diving around I managed to take a scenic enough route that we ended up on the race course, my sister could not believe what we were running through and commented that I should blog about the different courses I have run (and rate them), after thinking about it for a little while I realized that was a great idea. So I will have a blog connect with this one rating the different races. Now, I realize I have run some amazing courses (Moab being my top scorer) so I am sure people won't necessarily agree with my ratings, but hey, they are my ratings and everyone is always more than welcome to put their two cents in!

Today – we plan on driving around some more and hitting the beach (hopefully it won't be to cool to really get in and play).

Monday, June 7, 2010

San Diego RnR Course

This is the link to the San Diedo course fly through: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid40280743001?bctid=89862391001

Please note all the shade you see WAS NOT THERE YESTERDAY!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

So today was the big day.

Wake up was started at 3:00 (I know, that is just obscene!) I think I actually made it out of bed at 3:30. I decided I would wear my Nike capris over my CW-X tights, I wore my toe socks, I had on SkirtSports top, but it was under my “Does this shirt make my butt look fast” shirt. I was out of the room by about 3:45 and on the bus by 3:55. The ride to the start line wasn't very long, which was nice. We got up there, first stop potty! Then I sat down and had breakfast; 2 hard boil eggs, a bagel and a banana, then back to the potty. I think I hit the potty a total of 4 times before I crossed the start line. I had to make another stop at a potty around Mile 4. For the first few miles I would run every other song. By mile 5ish I was only running 1 song every mile (I promised my doctor I would walk the entire way, but I am sorry, that is not possible for me to do) Mile 9 I started having some serious issues. My fingers had been swollen since Mile 5 and they weren't getting any better. I called my sister for advice, but I think it was a good thing that she didn't answer. My right foot felt like one of my bones was popping out of my foot (this is how it felt back in August/September time frame last year), my knee was hurting. My hands were so swollen they were red (you know the stage past red). The heat was seriously kicking my ass (you would figure a race in San Diego would have some awesome views, but this was mostly on the streets that not only had no shade the view sucked the majority of the time, but I will get to that later).

When I finally got a hold of my sister we agreed that I didn't come all this way not to finish. When I hit the half way mark I realized there was no way in hell was I going back to work and not being able to say I had finished. I stopped and got some Motrin or Tylenol or what ever they were handing out. They were pushing salt on everyone, but know how my body reacts I didn't touch any! I was drinking way to much water, but I was so thirsty it wasn't even funny. We finally got to an area that was scenic and a nice breeze was coming off the bay or the ocean, but still no shade! Mile 20 (I think) we got to Fiesta Island, who ever planned the route seriously needs to look at other races. Finally Mile 24, then 25. Mile 25 was where I started having issues that brought tears to my eyes. I kept having pain shooting around my ankle. I think my saving grace was the fact I had sunglasses on, if any of the Team in Training coaches or the paramedics had seen just how much pain I was in they would have stopped me. Mile 26 had finally come the pain was still there, but at that point I didn't care. Mile 26.1 I managed to pick up the speed, not as much as usually, but I still picked it up all the same.

All in all I would not recommend this race.

Yes, the race support was great, there were even sideliners who had food. The lady with the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches showed just in time. There were others who had pretzels, liquorish and I have no idea what else. The water stations were well staffed – could have used more ice. There were no oranges for us slower people. The course, I am sorry, but we are in an amazing locations and the majority of the damn course was on black top surrounded by buildings (houses and stores and zzzzzzz). There was minimal shade along the course route. I am thinking the Big Sur marathon would have been a better choice.

After the race was the nightmare of trip to getting back to the hotel. I ended up going to SeaWorld with my sister and my boys and waited for an hour and a half until the SeaWorld pick-up bus came. We got into the park and got food, then the kiddos got to go play on some playground thing.

I guess right now, I can saw I finished and that is about it. I did get more sun than I should have (yes, I put sunscreen on), I can not flex my left foot towards me, I am hoping that will be all better tomorrow. I have chaffing in a very personal area and under my arms (I have never chaffed there before). I didn't take very many pictures, but there was really nothing to see!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pre-Race Day

Here we are at the end of a very relaxing day. The monkeys were promised a trip to the beach today, but I know being in the sun wears me out so we kept the visit short, that and the waves were jerking my knee around every which direction. My feet are already hurting I didn't want my knee to be pissed at me too. After hanging out at the beach for a little while, we swung by the room got changed and went to find lunch. We found this great place just east of the Pacific Coast Highway – awesome food, I took the smart route and had some pasta with tomato sauce. After a nice drive back to town he returned to the hotel and I planted my happy butt on the bed until it was dinner time, our room has a kitchenette so I made spaghetti, again, with tomato sauce—kept it nice and simple. Tomorrow is the big day so I am hitting they hay early, I have my bagel, my banana and my hard boiled eggs ready to go for the morning. The alarm is set, I have two alarms set on my phone and the front desk has been called. Good night to all, and tomorrow I hope to see the finish line in 6:30 – my feet have been hurting for a while so I will be walking the majority of the race. If I come in to fast my sister will be mad at me!

Friday, June 4, 2010

San Diego Days 1 and 2

The day finally arrived after running in circles for a few hours we finally got on the road for the airport. We got to the airport with about 5 hours to spare, both of my boys were bouncing off the walls, so sitting in an airport for any period of time would have been a little painful! Much to my surprise, I had no issue getting my running bag through security. We stopped at Concorde B to get some lunch, typically airport price but the food wasn't to bad. We got to our gate with more than two hours until take off. Kiddo #1 and I left Kiddo #2 babysitting my sister as we were off to find Starbucks. Our gate was in Concord C and Starbucks was at the VERY end of Concord B. I vote it took us about an hour to get to Starbucks, get our drinks and get back to the gate. It was finally time to board, since I am not exactly a small person (I am not huge either) I was scared I would be told I need two seats because my butt was so big! Kiddo #2 was sitting with my sister and Kiddo #1 was sitting with me; we had it set up with this way for two reasons, my sister is bigger than I am and Kiddo #2 is a little guy and I have a fear of take-offs and landings and I really didn't want Kiddo #1 to pick up on it. Well, my butt fit in the seat just fine! And Kiddo #1 did a fantastic job keeping me calm during the take off. As we were flying I was able to take some really cool pictures (coming soon to a blog near you!). Kiddo #1 said we were flying over the Grand Canyon, I tried to tell to him it was actually a fault line that was caused by the end of the world like in 2012, for some strange reason, he didn't believe me. A few minutes later the pilot announced we were flying over the Grand Canyon. About two hours after take off we were on our final decent. Kiddo #1 and I were not on the ocean side of the plane, but that is ok. We got off the plane and of course POTTY STOP! We went to the baggage claim grabbed our bags and headed off to the ground transportation area. We took the bus to the rental place and we picked up Sally, she is a white convertible Ford Mustang. With the directions being repeated at least three times we found our way to the hotel without to much difficulty. We checked in and hit the hay!

Day 2 – I woke up at 4 something here time (I guess I am so used to Charlie waking me up for some love that early). Kiddo #1 woke up a little while little bit after I did so we turned on the TV and watched some MASH while my sister and Kiddo #2 kept sleeping. Luckily I fell back to sleep and Kiddo #2 woke up and enjoyed some TV time. We got out the door at about 9 and found a breakfast stop on the beach, the food was pretty good, the view was amazing. After breakfast we drove around and ended up at the race expo (we were enjoying a drive and ended up downtown). I got my race number, my shirt and my baggie. Then into the expo itself. I picked up two shirts; one long sleeve and one short (picks to come). I picked up a new race belt with picket thing (I don't know where I put my other one, this one has polka dots!). OH! And I got a shirt from One More Mile - “Does this shirt make my butt look fast?” my sister was a great sister and got me a headband “Running is a mental sport and we are all insane!” (I have a great sister). After the expo we did more driving, found Balboa Park – we will defiantly make stop there to spend some time before we leave. Then we headed east, we stopped and grabbed some lunch at an alleged Greek place, all I can say is Greek my butt! Before coming home we hit the grocery store luckily it is related to our usual store so we could use our shopping card. We got home (the hotel) and relaxed, and watched Run Fat Man, Run, funny movie. The boys just had to go to the pool, so we headed down there for a little while and now we are calling it a night.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lose odds and ends

So I am off to San Diego the day after tomorrow. I have my running stuff packed and I have decided it will either be SkirtSports or Nike. The SkirtSports outfit will be the multi colored shirt I posted early with either the green skirt I posted or a pink skirt that looks similar. The way I have been feel lately, I might not want to get that dressed up! I might just go with my Nike capris with my nike running shirt. I will find out race day!
The hard decision I am currently facing… New York City Marathon. To run it this year, or postpone it until next? Part of me thinks wait until next because I have a marathon and a half I will be running in January and I am STILL waiting for my feet to really heal. I would start training for January in September. That would give my feet and knees time to get some much needed healing done. I will be doing the Tri for the Cure but that is only a 5K run, and I will be getting more than enough cross training in with the swimming and the biking. Plus I will be able to focus on losing weight and not getting my miles in.