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I have been racing for about 5 years now. I am not a typical runner or even triathlete. I fight with serious medical conditions every step of the way, but each step makes me stronger. I have two boys both with special needs and I have learned to chalk that up to making me stronger as well.

It is with sad heart that I must report that lupus has won the battle this year, but trust me when I say the war is far from over! My racing days are not over by any stretch of the imagination. This is just a minor setback that will make me stronger.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Colorado Half Marathon (VERY LONG REPORT!!!!!)

So my race training run was a complete success! I went in with a plan and a goal, I stuck with my plan and met my goal! 
Saturday morning we got all packed and loaded everyone in the car (yes, this included the puppies). I drive a bug! The suitcases and my running bag all went in the trunk (surprising spacious) the boys and the computers went into the back seat (I had homework I had to finish so the computers had to come) the puppies were told to go in the back seat too (Charlie can fit between my boys and Freddie sits wherever).  My sister got in the from seat and put her crap bag down by her feet.  Had had two stops before dropping the boys off at the doggy hotel, Walgreen, Cuervo needed more meds and the bank (we were running so late that had we dropped the boys off first the bank probably would have been closed and my sister doesn’t use an ATM card).  Freddie loves riding up front and if my sister is there he is even happier (he props himself on her chest). He is also a huge fan of the “roof window”.  Charlie had no problem sitting in back while we were at Walgreens then he felt it was necessary to come upfront for rest of the trip.   My poor sister was being squished the entire time (we also had to stop and get gas).  Luckily from the gas station to the bank is a fairly straight shot but it was very entertaining.  My bug is a standard and Charlie was sitting on the stick for part of the time.  When I told him if he doesn’t move I might change gears using one of this body parts he climbed even further onto my sister! The bank was interesting (my sister’s wallet was in her crap bag at her feet!).  We had a two second drive to the doggy hotel when we finished at the bank.  Finally the boys were unloaded! They were excited to be there (as always) we didn’t even get any good bye kisses.  Finally it was time to hit the road!
We made it to Fort Collins with no issues, got to the host hotel, again with no issues, parked and went in.  The expo is improving each and every time.  I got my bag to put all my stuff in, grabbed some of the goodies (the goodie bags were not pre-packed), picked up my bib and then got my shirt.  I made sure I stopped by the Country Financial table to say thank you! And we joked about not doing the marathon, the whole week and a half notice thing…  Of course I had to stop by the official merchandise area, picked up body glide (couldn’t remember if I had packed it so we figured better safe than sorry [I had packed it]), gloves, a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt, compression socks (first pair, man do I love them), another pair of toe socks, and I want to say something else, but I don’t remember! Checked out the other booths (very small, but in a good way).  Found a booth with a shirt that said “Pain is only a state of mind” so I had to get it.  After that we headed out.  Found the hotel with minimal issues (I couldn’t remember the name of it for a while).  Then headed to dinner, but first had to find the parking area for the morning.  Found it, off to Olive Garden.  I ordered the eggplant parm.  The nice waiter brought me extra pasta (hey, there wasn’t very much pasta!!!). After that we stopped by King Soopers (Kroger) to get my breakfast and other misc stuff.  Then back to the hotel.  I laid out my stuff and realized I forgot my knee band.  My wonderful sister delaired we would zoom up the street and pick up new ones.  She knew if I did not have them I would need them.  And last weekend my knee buckled a few times.  So we flew to Sports Authority and picked up new knee bands (Shannon you are a very wise woman!!!!).  Got back, took a bath watched TV and went to sleep (had a wakeup call, my sister’s phone set and the alarm clock set).
3:45 came EARLY! I hit snooze! J Next BEEP! BEEP! I got up.  I got dressed heated up the water for the oatmeal, said goodbye to everyone and headed out the door with my sister making sure I had everything. I get half way to the parking garage and realize I did not put on my RoadID, crap.  Get even closer and I don’t have my gum, fine, I will just go to a gas station and get more,  I finally fine one that is opened and pull in to park and realize I don’t have my purse. The only thing I have with me in my driver’s license.  DAMN! I remember that I usually keep gum in my car, somewhere!  So I go to the parking garage, I am still about 10 minutes early for the half marathon busses. I get comfy on the bench and wait.  The busses finally start to load and up we go.  I try to get a little more sleep, but the gal next to me keeps messing with her iPod and the light from it keeps waking me up.  We get up to the waiting area, first thing is first, POTTY!  I start eating my bagel and meet this local gal, Becky, who is running her first half and we stand around and chat.  Start time is getting closer so I get back in line for the potty.  I find a comfy area to start stretching and find Becky again and we continue chatting, the emotions are flying with this poor gal.  She can’t believe she is really doing this and we all know how it is!  I let her know it is an amazing course, there is really only one hill we have 5 hours to complete it in and so on and so forth (not downplaying the magnitude of what she is about to do but putting her nerves at ease a little).  We get to the start and all of a sudden people are running! WHAT? No BEEEEEEP!? No nothing! I step off to the side because all my electronics weren’t ready! I am finally ready to go and off I go.  I had planned the first two hours I was going to run two songs and walk one.  The third hour walk one, run one and anything after three hours I will listen to the same two songs over and over and over and over until I do finish (my goal was 3 hours!).  Mile one, was wonderful, my lower back was a little sore at first but then came around.  Mile two… Hey, there’s Ted’s! Woo-hoo!  Ok, there is that damn hill, hmm, according to the music I will be running part of it.  Up the hill, no issue! Thank you Judy! You are a wonderful woman I will never grumble around training runs in Garden of the Gods again! Hey! I am halfway done.  Oh! Look more marathoners are passing me.  Yay! There is the first female! WOW! I am at the bridge already, and I am running across it!  5K left, alright! Hey, I might just make my 3 hour goal!  Everything is still feeling fine, ok, I have still having issues with hydration.  One mile left! Yay! I am around the corner and there is the finish line! I will run, ooo, not feeling so well, I will walk until the stop sign.  HERE I COME! I AM DONE WITH TIME TO SPARE!!!!! Faster, so close to the finish line, even faster. Come on Sammie, you can sprint the last little bit… I’M DONE!!!!!
I start coughing and gagging, uh-oh! No, no, no.  There are no trash cans, there are people everywhere, can’t do this. NO! coughing more, no, no, no.  I managed to leave the finish area with dignity intact, but still no trash can, oh look! A cute dog.  Went over squatted down and said hi (with permission of course).  Feeling better, ok, I am fine now.  Grab by bag from the bag drop, found my sister and my kids got hugs from my kids (they are very kind little guys). Finally found my car and re went back to the hotel.  My left foot was hurting in a weird way, left hip flexor was sore, second toe on right foot will probably fall off. Other than that I feel good. I took a nice LONG shower (that hotel had some amazing water pressure!) check out time was noon we turned our keys in at 11:57 (ish) and hit the road.  We made great time coming home.  Picked up the boys (there were happy to see us), my sister and Cuervo cheated, they went to the store next door while Jose and I brought the boys home.  Grabbed the truck, picked up my sister and Cuervo and did our weekly grocery shopping.  Finally we made it home and I crashed!  I am sure I was asleep before 9!  I slept well having my boys on either side of me (yes, I share my bed with my fur kids). 
The weather was perfect, cool, but not cold.  Mostly cloudy (I had 100 spf on, but I still reacted to the sun that was out), all in all I am very proud of the run! Good training run!

I have to say, none of this would have been possible if it weren't for my sister.  Shannon, you are the most amazing person!

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  1. Very cute shirt. I wore mine that day too, but in black since it rained most of the day. Very comfy and doggie lovers asked me a few questions.