"Don't let the fat chick beat you"?

I have been racing for about 5 years now. I am not a typical runner or even triathlete. I fight with serious medical conditions every step of the way, but each step makes me stronger. I have two boys both with special needs and I have learned to chalk that up to making me stronger as well.

It is with sad heart that I must report that lupus has won the battle this year, but trust me when I say the war is far from over! My racing days are not over by any stretch of the imagination. This is just a minor setback that will make me stronger.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buyer’s remorse without even buying anything!

So I was at the store last night checking out the bikes and I got information on the two bikes I am considering and they both have their benefits (one has a squishier seat while the other has better aero bars, one has shows RPMs while the other shows MPH, etc.). I woke up this morning with buyer’s remorse and I haven’t even bought the damn thing yet! The way I see it is I have a bike, I have a trainer, the reason I really don’t use it is because my sister says it is really loud! Instead of getting a spin bike, we are going to get a pad to see if that will muffle the sound and if that doesn’t work, then we will see about making the investment. Another thing we are planning on doing is ripping out all the carpet and putting hard wood floors in, not sure that will muffle the sound any, but it is time to change the flooring!

Today is a forced day off, I had mommy duties to do this morning so there went my lunch time workout and then I have class tonight which means I can’t do it after work. All of this is fine, tomorrow should be a two workout day, one during lunch and one again after work (hitting the pool after work!). Saturday is the run group, I don’t know what the plan is other than dressing warm. Sunday (not supposed to be great weather) there is a spin class at the gym followed by a yoga class, might see if I can get into the spin class and then recover with the yoga class, if not, who knows!

While on my mommy duties this moring the lady at the front office asked if I was still doing Weight Watchers, I told her I was but I am going to a different meeting (we had seen each other at the Wednesday meeting, but lately I have been hitting up the Saturday meeting). I told her I will be running with a local run group on Saturdays so I will be coming back to the Wednesday meetings, I like the leader in that meeting better anyway!

One more day until Friday!

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